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PRIMUS electric stone oven

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Our large electric stone ovens for the kitchen
Like all of our electric stone ovens, the PRIMUS is completely lined with fireclay bricks and bakes crispy and juicy food as if from a wood burning oven. And the principle of latent radiant heat is also your guarantee for best quality with this oven!

With its 61 x 41 cm baking surface, in the PRIMUS you can bake up to 5 kg of bread, 20-25 bread rolls, 15 pretzels,
2 plaited rolls or up to 5 kg or meat and much more!

Upper & lower heat can be controlled separately from 50° C to 320° C. With a timer switch to select the beginning of the heating and an acoustic signal at the end of the baking time. After a heating-up time of approx. 1 ¼ hour, the stone plates are hot and you can bake for several hours: start with pizzas or steak, then bread, then cakes or plaited rolls, and some fine biscuits with the remaining heat. A strong partner for your kitchen!


Technical details

Baking surface61 x 41 cm
Baking chamber height23 cm
Capacity5 kg bread dough (6 loaves, each weighing 750 g,)
20-25 bread rolls,
12-15 pretzels
Temperature range50 - 320° C,
Upper and lower heat controlled separately and continuously adjustable
Heating methodElectric/stored heat through fireclay bricks,
wood burning oven effect
Timer switchDigital timer function
Installation optionsFree standing or installation in a 90cm installation cabinet
(niche dimensions W x H 86 x 47.5 cm)
Oven dimensions W x D x H84.8 x 58 x 45 cm
Weight94 kg (103 kg with packaging)
Connected value400 V / 4.5 kW
Power cable2.5 m in length, CEE-16 A plug


Further voltages available on enquiry


Baking in the PRIMUS

PRIMUS electric stone oven
How to back with our electric stone ovens

After a heating-up time of approx. 1 ½ hour, the electric stone oven reaches the temperature for pizza or flambé cakes. Steaks are also perfect for cooking at the highest temperature (upper heat 320° C, lower heat 200° C). After a leaving the oven for around 15 minutes, you can turn it off and then cook 2-3 pizzas directly on the fireclay base or the steak in a pan.

After 20 minutes, the heat falls to the ideal bread temperature. With the upper heat of 280° C and the lower heat of approx.
180° C the bread is placed directly on the hot stone. After approx. 1 hour, the tasty, crispy bread is ready and if you so wish, you can also bake cakes or plaited rolls with the remaining heat. After that, you could also put a casserole dish containing meat in the oven, allowing it to cook at a low temperature for
4-5 hours. The following applies for a second baking procedure: Due to the stored heat, the initial heating time is reduced by around 20 minutes, the energy consumption when baking again is minimal!



Easy to clean
Caring for the bricks is very easy: After baking, dust the oven down with a brush, or wipe it down with a damp cloth. It couldn't be easier!
And should there be any stains which you can't clean off easily, it is the best idea to remove then with modern pyrolysis: set the bottom heat at 320° C, leave for one to two hours and then wipe the bricks down once again with a damp cloth after cooling.

The Pro Thermic double glazed door
reflects the baking heat back into the baking chamber and is also very easy to clean.

As fitted or stand alone model
With its external dimensions of 84.8 x 53.6 x 45 cm it is ideal for fitting in a 90 cm installation cabinet.

PRIMUS electric stone oven built-in model   


  • Full fireclay brick lining = baking quality as if from a wood burning oven
  • Baking temperature up to 320° C
  • Upper and lower heat can be controlled separately (2 thermostats)
  • Programmable timer function
  • Pro-Thermic double glazed door
  • Casing made completely from stainless steel.
  • Ideal for installation in a 90 cm installation cabinet
  • Made in Germany quality


PRIMUS ST2 baking station

The complete mobile solution! The mobile base frame for your PRIMUS! With a pull-out solid beechwood worktop, a pull-out section offering space for the ALPHA dough kneading machine, and two further large storage compartments. Made completely from stainless steel. Rack height 97 cm.

Dimensions W x D x H85 x 56.5 x 85.5 cm
Weight54 kg



PRIMUS base frame with wheels

Made completely from stainless steel. Rack height 86 cm. Optionally available with wooden grating. Also available in a non-movable version.

Dimensions W x D x H

84 x 53 x 76 cm


18 kg
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