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Weight: 67 kg
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Electric stone oven MONO - compact and powerful

Mono is one of the most popular appliances in the entire Häussler product range, as it combines compact exterior dimensions with phenomenal inner qualities. You can set it up as a free-standing unit anywhere and get started right away. Mono requires only a 230 V (16 ampere) connection. Furthermore, it can be integrated into cabinets with a 60 cm dimension using the built-in frame. The door hinge is interchangeable.

Inside, Mono spoils its owners with the finest technology. Like its big brothers, it provides a high-quality fixture with all the advantages from Häussler: Complete lining with fireclay bricks and Pro Thermic double glass door as well as top and bottom heat that can be regulated separately. The perfect entry into the world of the stone oven.


Rolls (up to)

approx. 9

or pretzels (up to)

approx. 6

or pizzas Ø 28 cm (up to)

approx. 1

or bread (up to kg)

approx. 3  (3 loaves à 1 kg)
or plaited yeast buns 450 g 
approx. 3
or meat/pork neck (up to kg)
approx. 3

Technical data

Baking chamber height
23 cm
Heating method
electric / stored heat via firebrick, wood oven effect
Connection cable
1,5 m long, 3 x 1,5 mm² with safety plug, CE-16 A
Baking surface W x D
37,5 x 41 cm
Pre-dial clock up to 14 hours
Installation options
Free-standing or installation in a built-in cupboard (niche size kitchen cupboard W x H: 56 x 45 cm)
57 kg (67 kg with packaging)
Oven dimensions W x D x H
54,5 x 57 x 41 cm
Connected load
230 V / 3,0 kW
Temperature range
50° to 320° C, Upper and lower heat separately and infinitely adjustable

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