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Weight: 105.2 kg
item No. 300902
  • komplett mit Schamottestein ausgekleidet
  • Pro Thermic Doppelglastüre
  • Ober- und Unterhitze getrennt regelbar
  • Bis zu 12 Brötchen gleichzeitig backen


The jewel for your kitchen

Anyone who needs greater capacity will go for the Primus. It provides more reserves and a significantly largely baking surface. The Primus is optimised for an installation dimension of 90 cm. You have the option of leaving it free-standing or integrating it nicely into a kitchen cupboard using the built-in frame. The Primus requires a 400 V connection.

Working with a stone oven will give you a great deal of joy. The bright and friendly baking chamber and the gentle and powerful heat of the stones as well as the high-quality materials will make a baker’s heart beat faster. This is especially true of the Primus. The oven door folds down and allows for easy access to the large baking chamber. What’s more, the Primus has the largest window in the product line. Baking and cooking turn into a visual experience.

This item is shipped by a forwarding company; the shipping charges will be displayed during the order process. The item can be sent to the following countries:

Germany € 110.- incl. VAT
Austria € 130.- incl. VAT
The Netherlands € 140.- incl. VAT
Luxembourg € 180.- incl. VAT
France € 150.- incl. VAT
Italy € 140.- incl. VAT
Hungary € 150.- incl. VAT
Poland € 180.- incl. VAT
Sweden € 330.- incl. VAT
Denmark € 140.- incl. VAT
Switzerland 170.- excluding VAT

Technical data

Exhibition options
Free-standing or installation in a built-in cupboard (niche size kitchen cupboard W X H: 86 x 47,5 cm)
Connection cable
2,5 m long, CEE-16 A plug
Baking chamber height
23 cm
Heating method
electric / stored heat via firebrick, wood oven effect
5 kg bread ( 6 breads a 750 g), or 20-25 buns, 12-15 pretzels oder 5 kg meat
Baking surface W x D
61 x 41 cm
digital timer
Power connection
400 V / 4,5 kW
94 kg (103 kg with packaging)
Oven dimensions W x D x H
84,8 x 58 x 45 cm
Connected load
400 V / 4,5 kW
Temperature range
50 to 320° C, upper and lower heat separately and infinitely adjustable
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