Patio heater 304050

Patio heater

Weight: 67.4 kg
item No. 304050
  • Perfekte Alternative zum Gasheizstrahler
  • Ideal für die Gastronomie u. Raucherzone
  • Patentierte Befeuerung mit Holzpellets
  • Sehr gute Heizleistung mit 15KW
  • Keine Rauchentwicklung
  • Wohlige Wärme
  • Behagliches und wunderschönes Flammenspiel
  • Qualitätsvolle und elegante Formgebung
  • Angenehme Handhabung
  • Ausgeglichene CO2-Bilanz
  • Nachhaltiges Heizen

The patio heater from Häussler 

Warmth and well-being with a wow effect!

Häussler has plenty of experience and expertise when it comes to wood- and pellet-fired cooking. The firm’s latest development is a pellet-fired heater. A device that is perfect for today’s world because you can operate with zero carbon emissions. Climate protection is very important now. And wood pellets are quite easy to handle. Unlike gas, which makes some people feel queasy, they convey a sense of security. Not everyone is comfortable with having gas in the house.

Cosy warmth without using any fossil fuels. Our patio heater features warmth and elegantly dancing flames. It adds a premium ambience to private surroundings, restaurants, and events. 

Please note: The tables are not included in scope of delivery.

Sustainable warmth

The outdoor heater with the fascinating effect. Thanks to the attractive flame and cosy warmth, it 

attracts people as if by magic. In gardens, on patios, and in the hotel and food service sectors, they create a unique atmosphere, a place where people want to meet. They tell stories and laugh while soaking up warmth. 

Technology that inspires. The cartridge is filled with pellets and fired up with wood shaving grill igniter and pellet starter. The large flame only takes a minute to develop and spread comfortable warmth. One filling (approx. 11 kg pellets) will burn for around 3.5 hours. And when you use the optional spare burner cartridge, the follow-up filling can be ignited immediately. This makes continuous operation possible in commercial settings, for example.

Sustainable heating with wood pellets and zero carbon emissions. This patio heater is the perfect alternative to gas patio heaters.

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Ready to ship, delivery time: 5-8 days
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Technical data

207 cm
glass, stainless steel
Heating power
15 kW
CO² neutral
Firing period
3,5 hours
Ø 75 cm without tables, Ø 133 cm with tables
Radiant heat
up to 3 m
Filling quantity
11 kg
67,4 kg