Pellet grill BUNDLE0001

Pellet grill

Weight: 53.9 kg
item No. BUNDLE0001
  • Komfortable Arbeitshöhe
  • Patentierte Befeuerung mit Holzpellets
  • Temperatur präzise steuerbar
  • Grillbereit in kürzester Zeit
  • Umfangreiches Zubehör

A jewel with professional quality
Powerful technology at a comfortable working height. A place at the pellet grill is a favourite place! Well-engineered elements made of the best materials turn barbecuing into a passion. The pellet grill works with a strong flame, which quickly provides the required heat and can also be regulated very precisely over a wide temperature range. The pellet grill normally consists of  a basic unit, low glass cylinder (which can also be used as ambience light), flame divider and grill top: with grill support, outer rings, grillplate insert that can be be turned and grill cover.

Extras: You can find the high glass cylinder, wok, side table and the covers on the following pages.

Reasons to buy the Häussler pellet grill
•    Exclusive design
•    Easy to use
•    Best quality
•    Easy to clean
•    Easy loading
•    No smoke
•    Precisely adjustable over a wide temperature range
•    High-quality materials
•    Häussler quality

It’s this simple:
Firing up
Technically perfect, the Häussler grill combines culinary pleasure with pure joy. The patented appliance is fired with wood pellets, which burn practically residue-free and without any annoying odour. The renewable resource is climate neutral.

Thanks to the pellet oven, Häussler has a lot of know-how in pellet firing. You too can benefit from this know-how when you barbecue. The flame exits through a hole cover and rises upwards. The firing period is determined before firing up by filling the grill with 3, 6 or 9 kg of wood pellets.

The intensity of the flame can be precisely controlled via a slider. Using the slider, you can manipulate the temperature across a wide temperature range. So you can barbecue perfectly. All the advantages are basically combined:
• Speed as with a gas grill
• Flavour as with a charcoal grill
• Control as with an electric grill

The extensive accessories transform the Häussler pellet grill into an all-rounder.

With the grill grate, barbecuing becomes even more refined and enjoyable. Conjure up beautiful brandings (barbecue patterns) on your steak and experience an even more intense fire flavour.

Either barbecue or pizza – why either or? With the Häussler pellet grill and the practical pizza stone, you combine the best barbecue enjoyment and a pizza baked on stone.

The motor-driven meat skewer is ideal for barbecuing chicken. The motor allows the chicken to rotate continuously, so that you can take care of other things in the meantime or chat with your guests – until you can at last enjoy a deliciously barbecued chicken fresh from the grill.

Red hot and currently very popular: The fireplate for the pellet grill. With this innovative accessory, barbecuing turns into an exciting event. The heat distribution allows for creative use – very hot in the middle and decreasingly hot towards the outside.

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Ready to ship, delivery time: 5-8 days
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Technical data

glass, stainless steel
Material grillplate
cast iron
Firing period
1-3 hours depending on the filling
External dimensions, grill top
13 x 59 cm
Filling quantity
3 / 6 / 9 kg
39 kg
Ø 44 cm

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