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Emma - package 1
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Emma - package 1

Weight: 25 kg
item No. BUNDLE0010
Currently not available
  • Ideales Set für Einsteiger
  • Nudelmaschine Emma mit Edelstahlgehäuse
  • Rezeptheft mit Grundrezepten und Nudelgerichten
  • inkl. Grieß, Matrize, Teigabstecher und Nudelhorde


Proven technology in a modern design!

Our Emma pasta maker is compact, practical and beautiful! It’s strong and ready to use at any any time to satisfy your family’s pasta appetite. Conjure up fresh spaghetti, fettuccine or even pasta squares at the touch of a button. Emma mixes and presses the pasta efficiently and by itself: Emma makes up to 3 kg of pasta an hour. You be be delighted by the large number of pasta moulds. In addition, you will receive a standard mould of your choice.

Its modern, timeless design will make Emma the jewel of your kitchen. In the April 2013 edition of ETM TESTMAGAZIN, our Emma pasta maker received the rating “very good” and came out as the winner in the comparison test!

•    Spaghetti mould no. 5
•    blind die
•    Measuring cup
•    Cleaning brush

Reasons to purchase EMMA:
•    Long life
•    Easy to use
•    Easy to clean
•    Stainless steel housing
•    Robust industrial motor
•    Oil bath gearbox
•    High-quality materials
•    Elegant design

This pasta package includes:
•    Emma pasta maker
•    Book: Do It Yourself Pasta
•    Dough cutter
•    1 kg package of durum wheat semolina
•    One pasta rack
•    Spaghetti mould no. 5

This item is shipped by a forwarding company; the shipping charges are displayed in the order process. The item can be sent to the following countries:

Germany € 75.- incl. VAT
Austria € 110.- incl. VAT
The Netherlands € 110.- incl. VAT
Luxembourg € 140.- incl. VAT
France € 115.- incl. VAT
Italy € 140.- incl. VAT
Hungary € 115.- incl. VAT
Poland € 140.- incl. VAT
Sweden € 230.- incl. VAT
Denmark € 110.- incl. VAT
Switzerland 170.- excluding VAT

Technical data

Connection cable
1,5 m long. 3 x 1,5 mm² with safety plug
1 kg of flour / semolina yields 1.4 kg of pasta
ca. 3 kg/h (pasta)
Dimensions W x D x H
32 x 43 x 42 cm
Drive power
0,25 kW, industrial engine
26 kg
Mould circumference
Ø 59 mm
Connected load
230 V