Kit type HABO 15 400115

Kit type HABO 15

Weight: 1030 kg
item No. 400115

Wood-burning oven kits are ideal for installation in bakeries, restaurants, inns, cafés, hotels and everywhere where a lot of people like to eat and celebrate. The kit types HABO 10, HABO 15, HABO 20 and HABO 30 are the right choice here. These wood-burning oven types have large doors that open forwards on hinges.

For kits HABO 10, 15, 20 & 30. Door hinged forwards with built-in frame and ash channel made completely of cast iron, ash box.

Technical data

Baking surface W x D
90 x 140 cm
Bread capacity
28 breads
External dimensions with 11.5 cm wide bricks
ca. 140 x 190 cm
Exterior dimensions without masonry W x D x H
115 x 165 x 55 cm
Flue pipe Ø
15 cm
1030 kg