HABO Pellet BUNDLE0125

HABO Pellet

Weight: 566.6 kg
item No. BUNDLE0125
  • pelletbefeuerter Ofen
  • Flammen im Garraum sorgen für Original Holzbackofeneffekt
  • ruhende Strahlungswärme
  • extrem lange Lebensdauer
  • gleichmäßige Backergebnisse

After the burner cartridge has been filled, the wood pellets will be ignited in the HABO Pellet. Three hours later, the bread can go into the wood-burning oven. The entire firestone jacket has stored the heat and radiates it back to the baked goods slowly and gently in the form of radiant heat. Crispy pizzas, crusty bread, savoury roasts, moist cakes – as the heat decreases in the HABO Pellet, you can gradually bake them all.

The perfect oven for social baking and cooking, the original Häussler wood-burning oven impresses with its quality. You will simply love it! The damper required for the chimney is included in the scope of delivery.

The HABO Pellet is available in two variants:
HABO Pellet 4/6 and HABO Pellet 6/8, the larger design.

HABO 4/6
HABO 6/8
Rolls (up to)
approx. 18
approx. ca. 25
or pretzels (up to)
approx. ca. 15
approx. ca. 20
or pizzas Ø 28 cm (up to)
approx. ca. 5
approx. ca. 8
or bread (up to kg)
approx. ca. 8
approx. ca. 12
or plaited yeast buns 450 g
approx. ca. 6
approx. ca. 8
or meat/pork neck (up to kg)approx. ca. 10

approx. ca. 15

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