Drying cabinet PARENT00161

Drying cabinet

Our drying cabinets are especially necessary in the case of high demand, as they ensure a hygienically clean and fast drying of the pasta.

The drying time is around 24-30 hours at approximately 30° C. The pasta is carefully and uniformly dried due to precise moisture extraction. The humidity is reduced from around 90% to 35%. After the drying process, the pasta can be packed in customary packaging.

The drying cabinets are equipped with a manual semi-automated or fully automated control and the inner lining comes standard in stainless steel.

Manual / semi-automated controlled drying cabinet T 60:

  • Manual or semi-automated control
  • Stainless steel inner lining
  • Fast, controllable drying
  • Includes 20 pasta racks 60 x 80 cm
  • Humidity display (hygrometer)
  • Temperature display
  • Exhaust fan
  • Drying time around 24-30 hours

Fully automated controlled drying cabinets:

  • Fully automatic control: Three selectable programs
  • Stainless steel inner lining
  • Pasta rack cart with 25 pasta racks each
  • Digital temperature and humidity display
  • Automated exhaust fan

Your advantages when purchasing a Häussler drying cabinet:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials (stainless steel model)
  • Controlled, adjustable humidity
  • With extendible pasta rack cart, starting with T 150
  • Standard pasta racks
  • Uniform pasta drying
  • Compact and robust construction and small space requirement