Non-stop baking in the DEBO continuous wood-burning oven

DEBO – the wood-burning stove for continuous operation Ideal for show baking in the catering trade, in bakeries, at markets and events. The additional heating chamber enables a permanent continuous heating. This means that the heat can be kept constant during the entire event. This is especially suited for small baked goods or randomly pre-baked goods. The wide glass door permits a clear view of the baked goods in the oven; the viewing window in the heating door allows a view of the fire and embers.

Reasons to buy the Häussler DEBO:

  • The DEBO features the best materials: High temperature stainless steel, special insulation, thick complete fireclay lining.
  • The thick fireclay lining achieves a high heat storage capacity (as a result, cost-effective in wood consumption). Excellent baking and roasting features.
  • Distinction of the original wood-burning oven by using the old German baking system.
  • Easy and fast assembly: immediately ready to use.
  • Connection to any suitable chimney possible.
  • Transportable and can be relocated again at any time – no fixed location.
  • The second re-heating chamber makes batch-after-batch baking possible.
  • Without odour or taste again after each renewed heating-up.
  • Cost-effective to buy and maintain – short amortisation period.
  • Our professional staff will train you according to your individual desires.

Unique benefits of the DEBO wood-burning oven:

DEBO is an original wood-burning oven with a separate re-heating chamber. The baking chamber is freely suspended and surrounded by an insulated steel casing. Underneath it is a separate re-heating chamber.

  1. The first heating-up of the oven takes place in the fireclay brick baking chamber = original wood-burning oven!
  2. Then heating continues in the separate re-heating chamber underneath it in order to maintain the heat.
  3. This means that the baking chamber is kept constantly hot, and baking can take place continuously, which is ideal for fresh goods that are baked for a short time, such as tarte flambée, half-baked goods, frozen goods and
    much more.

The ideal oven...

... For festivals, markets, events, opening ceremonies, club events etc.

... For show baking in a beer garden, inn, café and pizzerias.

... For baking pizzas, tarte flambée, butter cake, suckling pig, fish, pitas etc.!

We have the right model for every need.

Several standard mounting and installation options are available for the DEBO oven. With a special base frame for mounting on an existing trailer, for permanent installation in a building or mobile for using outdoors. The installation kit on page 25 is perfectly suited for seamless integration into your front baking area. It includes an exhaust hood with brass fittings and a frame cladding as well as a practical stainless steel base plate for storing wood.

For assembly on a trailer

For permanent installation

Can be moved flexibly

DEBO on a base frame for assembly on a trailer.
DEBO on a base frame.
DEBO on a movable base frame.

The DEBO continuous wood-burning oven

Technical data

Continuous wood-burning oven
DEBO 60.100
DEBO 60.150
DEBO 90.100
Baking surface W x D
64 x 98 cm
64 x 148 cm
90 x 98 cm
Baking surface in m²
0.62 m²
0.95 m²
0.88 m²
Capacity, pizzas approx. Ø 20 cm
15 pizzas
20 pizzas
20 pizzas
Exterior dimensions without base W x D x H
104 x 139 x 107 cm
104 x 189 x 107 cm
134 x 139 x 107 cm
Height of base
74 cm
74 cm
74 cm
Loading height
117 cm
117 cm
117 cm
Flue pipe Ø
15 cm
15 cm
15 cm
865 kg
1250 kg
1100 kg

Questions about the DEBO – Answers to important questions about the DEBO:

Is the DEBO an original wood-burning oven?
Yes, for the fire burns during the heat-up phase directly in the baking chamber.

What baked goods is the DEBO ideal for?
For bread, items baked for a short time, pre-baked items, frozen products, fish, meat, meat loaf etc.

What use is the DEBO ideal for?
Show-baking in front of bakery branch stores, in the catering trade, in a hotel, school and company cafeteria, at markets and events ...

Is the DEBO suitable for continuous operation with different peak times?
Yes, since thanks to the additional firing in the re-heating chamber, the DEBO holds its temperature

How economical is the DEBO?
The DEBO’s basic heat is created directly in the thickly lined baking chamber. These bricks have a very high storage capacity, so that only a little wood is required to maintain the temperature. The DEBO is therefore very economical in terms of wood consumption.

You will find everything about the world of the wood-burning oven in our brochure. Presented in it is the DEBO continuous wood-burning oven as well as the HABO series, wood-burning oven kits, HABOMAT pellet oven and our BakeMobiles. The correct marketing for using a wood-burning oven is also explained.

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