Professional wood-burning oven kits for commercial use

The HABO 10, HABO 15, HABO 20 and HABO 30 model kits are available for individual installation of an oven. With these kits as well, the wide cast iron door is hinged forward and therefore allows for convenient working.

The kits fit into any ambience thanks to the manifold design options. Their rustic look will delight your customers and guests.

Reasons to purchase a Häussler wood-burning oven kit for commercial use:

  • Easy assembly with instructions and assembly DVD
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials:
    - Outstanding oven cast iron
    - Extremely heat-resistant special insulation
    - High-quality, pre-shaped fireclay bricks made of different thicknesses optimised for baking and material compositions
  • Absolutely uniform baking results in the entire baking chamber
  • Individual design options
  • Exact specifications for heat-up times and wood consumption
  • Simple baking with success guarantee: With the supplied bi-metal dial thermometer and our precise temperature and baking time specifications, everything succeeds, guaranteed
  • General construction law test certificate - the requirement for set-up in a building

Materials for the “hot core” of the oven

Contents of the complete kit package:

  • A complete set of special fireclay bricks made of different material compositions that are ideal for baking - pre-shaped for easy assembly
  • Cast iron door hinged forward with integrated ash channel and ash pan
  • Firebrick mortar and an extremely heat-resistant special insulation
  • Flue pipe connecting piece with damper & control rod
  • Quartz sand fill
  • Bi-metal dial thermometer for exact temperature control
  • Ash rake
  • Detailed assembly DVD
  • Detailed, extensively illustrated assembly instructions

It’s this simple

in four easy steps:

1) Material selection

2) Build base

After selecting the building material, you begin with the base. Whether with or without a decorative wooden roof is left up to you.
When building the oven base, leave an opening for the ash pan.

3) Attach insulation

4) Insert kit and you’re done!

After attaching the supplied special insulation, insert the kit in the storage box system.

So that the oven is complete, the only thing missing is the roof that will protect your oven from any kind of weather.

Wood-burning oven kits permanently integrated in your bakery

Wood-burning oven kits are ideal for installation in bakeries, restaurants, inns, cafés, hotels and everywhere where a lot of guests like to eat and celebrate. The kit types HABO 10, HABO 15, HABO 20 and HABO 30 are the right choice here. These wood-burning oven types have wide doors that open forward on hinges for convenient loading.

Door model D

Door model E

For kits HABO 10, 15, 20 & 30. Door hinged forward with built-in frame and ash channel made completely of cast iron, ash pan.

Door opening: door width 70 cm, height 27 cm

For kit HABO 30: Two doors hinged forward with built-in frame and ash channel made completely of cast iron, two ash pans.

Door opening: door width 61 cm, height 27 cm

You will find everything about the world of the wood-burning oven in our brochure. Not only the wood-burning oven kits but the HABO series, the HABOMAT pellet oven, the DEBO continuous wood-burning oven and our BakeMobiles are also presented. The correct marketing for using a wood-burning oven is also explained.

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