SP 70

SP 70

Kneading dough made easy!
Soft, pliable doughs
Only good dough makes good bread! The powerful and precise Centra spiral kneading system uniformly mixes and intensively kneads your doughs. The different rotation speeds of the dough hook and bowl support the effect of the homogeneous mixing. The working radius of the massive dough hook extends to the middle of the bowl and also facilitates the processing of the smallest quantities (around 10% of the highest quantity can be kneaded as a minimum quantity).
Industrial motor
The heart of our dough kneading machines is a robust industrial motor that shows its strength even with heavy doughs. The quiet operating noise level and good footing of the machines prove it.
Easy to clean
Up to model SP 40 KA, the bowl can be removed and the kneading arm lifted up. As a result, the machine is easy to clean and handle.
All parts that come in contact with the dough such as the kneading arm and bowl are manufactured from high-quality, food-safe stainless steel.
Robust construction
The housing is made of thick sheet steel and impervious due to a powder coating. The chain drives for the kneading arm and bowl last for a lifetime.
All of our machines are equipped with a circuit breaker. The machine automatically switches off when the kneading arm or protective cover is lifted up. All machines are GS (“tested safety”) approved.
The integrated time facilitates an easy setting and monitoring of the duration of the kneading. The machine automatically switches off after the set time has elapsed and thus prevents over-kneading of the dough.
The Häussler dough kneading machines are equipped with a timer, i.e. the machine automatically switches off after the set time has elapsed.
Centra spiral kneading system
Mixes uniformly and precisely. The working radius extends to the middle of the bowl.
Well thought-out details
The cover of the SP machines can be folded back and the entire kneading arm can be lifted up.
Removable bowl
All parts that come in contact with dough are made from stainless steel. The bowl can be easily removed
with a rotation – up to model SP 40 KA – thanks to a bayonet lock.
Robust double chain drive
The high-quality materials ensure a long service life even when processing heavy doughs.
Pneumatic springs & cord minder
The cord minder is on the back so that the power cable is always tidy. The pneumatic springs assist the lifting of the kneading arm and hold it upright.

Power connection: 400 Volt

NOTE: The wheels are not included with delivery, but can be obtained as an accessory through our online shop.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in making dough kneading machines
  • On-going quality controls
  • The latest power-saving technology
  • Use of the highest quality materials
  • Long service life thanks to robust construction
  • Easy to maintain and user friendly

Technical data

Capacity up to
38 kg Mehl (65 kg Teig)
Bread capacity
57 Brote à 1 kg
Bowl contents
82 Liter
30 Min. einstellbar
Dimensions W x D x H with wheels
57 x 98 x 111 cm
Power connection
400 V
188 kg
Zeitschaltuhr, 2 Knetgeschwindigkeiten
Motor output
2,22 kW / 3 PS
11,90 € *
0.95 100g | 12,53 € €/100g
from 67,00 €
from 192,00 €
from 55,00 €