Häussler wood-burning ovens in the bakery and catering trade


The wood-burning oven is based on a centuries-old principle. It incorporates the most primal method of baking since the beginning of mankind. Nevertheless, this form of baking is by no means obsolete – it is more relevant today than ever.

With the wood-burning oven, the fascination for authentic handicraft has moved into the limelight and been re-kindled. Authentic and valuable products are emerging, which which you can delight the customers of your bakery or restaurant and at the same time address and gain new customers.

You can bake so easily in the Häussler wood-burning ovens HABO 10 to HABO 500

Operating and using the Häussler wood-burning oven is very simple. Heating up the cold oven with dry fuel takes approx. 2 to 2.5 hours. After the oven has reached the correct temperature, the hot ash is brushed through the integrated ash channel into the ash pan with the help of the supplied ash rake. It’s clean and simple. Wiping the oven out is not necessary. The baking surface is cleaned of fine ash with the flour brush.

The temperature in the baking chamber is read with the bi-metal dial thermometer. After the heat has been uniformly distributed, the baked good is loaded. The baking time depends on the kind and size of the baked good. Because of the high heat-storing capacity of the Häussler wood-burning ovens, several baked goods can be baked in succession without further heating. First pizza, then bread, then pastries etc.

Reasons to buy Häussler wood-burning ovens from the HABO series for your bakery or catering trade:

  • Handcrafted robust manufacture, rock solid with a long service life
  • Complete lining of the baking chamber with heavy, high-quality, fireclay bricks that are matched with each other and a special complete insulation for uniform, long-lasting baking heat and excellent baking and roasting features
  • Quiescent baking atmosphere provides greater dough yield
  • Distinction of the original wood-burning – you market your business as a wood-burning oven bakery or your products as bread baked in an original wood-burning oven
  • Clean handling thanks to the integrated ash channel as well as the ash collecting drawer
  • Short delivery time
  • Easy and fast assembly and cladding – immediately ready to use
  • Connection to any suitable chimney possible
  • Almost all models can readily be expanded to double capacity afterwards
  • Transportable and can be relocated again at any time
  • Short amortisation period

On your mark, get ready...

Before you get going, our professional staff will thoroughly instruct you and your bakers/employees how to handle the wood-burning oven. You’ll see: baking in the Häussler wood-burning oven is very easy, clean and straightforward.

After a short break-in phase, baking in the wood-burning oven will be integrated into your daily workflow – without additional effort involved.

The Häussler wood-burning ovens have a very high and uniform heat storage capacity, so that re-loading or re-heating is not necessary. Once the bread is loaded, you’ll have time for other things.

Stack wood

Fire up

Empty out



Double-tier ovens

You can also get many of our wood-burning ovens in a two-tier version. This gives you the benefit of achieving twice as much output with the same space requirement. Our ovens can also be upgraded to a two-tier oven afterwards.

HABO series wood-burning ovens

The field of application of the Häussler HABO 10 to HABO 30 extends from show baking in the bakery, in the catering trade and in sales to production in the bakery to use outdoors. They are transportable, can be relocated again and can be clad in a simple but effective way.

All models are

  • On request, available with steam injection
  • Can be fitted with a puller
  • Available with roof, base frame and wheels

Wood-burning ovens made in Heiligkreuztal

With the Häussler wood-burning oven models HABO 15, HABO 20 and HABO 30, the capacity can easily be doubled later at any time by setting up a second tier. The width (clear span) of the cast iron doors of HABO models 10, 15 and 20 is 70 cm with all three wood-burning oven versions.

The wood-burning oven model HABO 30 has two cast iron doors side-by-side with a 61 cm width each (clear span). It thereby provides the optimal conditions for loading by means of a racking device or with a peel. Firing is also possible by request from the rear of the oven.

On request, the loading height can be individually adjusted to your needs.

Häussler oven technology

In the past, wood-burning ovens could only be built using an arch, like archways, cellars, bridges etc.

As depicted on the chart, an uneven baking chamber height, however, led to uneven baking results.

Using new technologies, it is possible nowadays to avoid this drawback. Fireclay plates with a larger span width are manufactured today using high pressure. The distance of the oven ceiling to the baked good is thereby exactly the same in the entire baking chamber. The radiant heat acts uniformly on all the loaves of bread. This means that an absolutely uniform baking result (browning) is achieved. Moving the baked goods around is therefore not necessary with the HÄUSSLER wood-burning ovens.

Wood-burning ovens with arch

Häussler wood-burning oven without arch

  • Uneven baking chamber height
  • Uneven temperature distribution
  • Uneven baking results

Moving the loaves of bread around during the baking process is necessary!

  • Even baking chamber height
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Uniform baking results

Moving the loaves of bread around dung the baking process is not necessary!

Outstanding quality

Only the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing Häussler wood-burning ovens, because our primary objective is longevity and reliability, so that you always can depend on your oven.

Robust technology

With the solid flue pipe connecting piece on the back of the oven in a closed or fully open state, the flue gas damper is continuously controlled from the front of the wood-burning oven using a steel rod.

With a precise analogue thermometer for exact temperature control at any point in time during production.

The ash channel is opened with a poker so that the ash can be pushed directly into the ash container.

With wide cast-iron doors that allow a fast and production-friendly loading and emptying out of the wood-burning ovens.

The HABO 500 – for increased demand

The HABO 500 is the largest wood-burning oven that we offer, with a capacity of approx. 120 loaves of bread. The oven is loaded from the front side via three doors that slide upwards that are opened with counterweights or via compressed air. Short assembly time on-site, the option of subsequent transport (e.g. within the bakery). low fuel requirement and short amortisation period are additional aspects that speak for the HABO 500.

Door opening 61 cm wide. Counterweight supplied as standard equipment. On request, pneumatic opening also available.

Facing the HABO 500 is easily done: With an easily installed drywall, you can immediately tile or clinker the oven.

On request, with firing door and movable ash container on the rear.

Wood-burning stoves in the bakery

A wood-burning oven stands for crackling warmth and brings back aromatic memories of grandmother’s time. A wood-burning oven embodies a baking tradition that one rightly associates with freshness, good taste and highest quality. Let your customers participate in this experience. Häussler wood-burning ovens are not only high-performance production ovens but also ideal show baking ovens in the bakery thanks to nostalgically beautiful cast-iron doors.

Here you will find our range of products for the wood-burning ovens for small business and household use.

Legal matters concerning the wood-burning oven

Legal definition of bread baked in a wood-burning oven: “Bread baked in a wood-burning oven is unmoulded and made in directly fired ovens. This means that the heating material is directly in the baking chamber. The baking chamber must consist of stone or stone-like material.”

A Häussler wood-burning oven is fired directly in the baking chamber and is baked with gentle, decreasing radiant heat. This type of oven is also designated as an old German oven or original wood-burning oven.

Building law permit for set-up in a building

All of our ovens are tested

Our quality – your guarantee!
The company’s in-house production guarantees “Quality Made in Germany”.

You will find everything about the world of the wood-burning oven in our brochure. Presented there are not only the HABO series but also wood-burning oven kits, the DEBO continuous wood-burning oven, the pellet-heated HABOMAT and our BakeMobiles. The correct marketing for using a wood-burning oven is also explained.

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