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HABO 500

HABO 500

item No. 100108


The HABO 500 – for increased demand

The HABO 500 is a wood-burning oven of superlatives. It provides a baking surface of 210 x 270 cm and holds up to 120 loaves of bread. The oven doors have counterbalances as standard equipment and are a delight when working with the oven. Visually, the HABO 500 is a sensation. It is the star in the bakery and a case for experts

All models are:

  • On request, available with steam injection
  • Can be fitted with a puller
  • Available with roof, base frame and with wheels

Included with delivery:

  • Ash rake
  • Bi-metal dial thermometer
  • Poker
  • Heating and baking instructions

Advantages at a glance:

  • Handcrafted robust manufacture, rock solid with a long service life
  • Complete lining of the baking chamber with heavy, high-quality, dovetailed fireclay bricks and a special complete insulation for uniform, long-lasting baking heat and excellent baking and roasting features
  • Quiescent baking atmosphere provides greater dough yield
  • Distinction of the original wood-burning oven
  • Clean handling thanks to the integrated ash channel as well as the ash collecting drawer
  • Short delivery time
  • Easy and fast assembly and cladding – immediately ready to us
  • Connection to any suitable chimney possible
  • Almost all models can readily be expandable to double capacity afterwards
  • Transportable and relocated again at any time
  • Short amortisation period

Technical data

Baking surface W x D
210 x 270 cm
Bread capacity
120 Brote
Exterior dimensions W x D x H
ca. 258 x 322 x 180 cm
Loading height
109 cm
Flue gas connection
Flue pipe Ø
25 cm
4300 kg
from 37,04 €
from 55,56 €
from 58,49 €
from 59,46 €