Häussler Service:

“Order the wood-burning oven. We’ll take care of everything else for you!”

Our customers’ satisfaction is the highest priority for us. That’s why our service team is always here for you. We will be happy to answer your questions about the technology of our appliances and further help you. We will also be happy to come to you to assemble and put into operation large appliances.

Maintenance and inspection of your HÄUSSLER appliances.

We also offer our customers an on-site service in the Häussler baking village. We have spare parts in stock for all appliances if necessary, even for models that have been in use for over 20 years.

The HÄUSSLER name stands for reliable customer service even after the purchase. We will be happy to give you advice and support!

Our service team is always happy to assist you at:
Telephone:  0 73 71 • 93 77-180
Email: service@backdorf.de


Oven model, oven size, capacities, installation, economic key figures etc. We will help you with the strategic orientation of your business and adjust all important components to it. Together we will analyse the opportunities in the market, optimise your recipes and help build an integrated and successful approach.

Technical clarification

Where should the oven stand? How should it be loaded? How will it be heated, and where is the fuel depot? Is the firing suitable for the location (wood-burning oven in the city), and what has to be clarified with the chimney sweep beforehand? We will be happy to clarify these and many other details – the all-round worry-free package.

Test baking

Come visit us. Would you like to test the Häussler ovens and bake your recipes in the wood-burning or pellet oven? It works very simply and without obligation: Schedule an appointment, visit us in Heiligkreuztal and bake together with our master bakers.

Information and appointment arrangements:

Richard Häußler: 07371 • 9377-15

Klaus Müller: 07371 • 9377-66

On-site appointment

Inspection of your bakery or your new branch regarding staging the oven. How should it be clad? Coordination with the shopfitter etc.


We will deliver the oven and set it up. During installation, we will also take on coordinating the subsequent trades for you.

Bake period

On request, start-up and baking the oven in with your master baker and your team. A master baker from the Häussler team will come to you and train your employees in how to handle the oven. Your recipes will be baked until you are satisfied with the result.

Service after the sale

We will be happy to give you advice and support at any time and with the shortest response time. If there is a problem, we will be on the spot and come to you. Wit some ovens, there is the option of using innovative remote maintenance to avoid long travel time and to respond immediately.


Marketing aids for your products. Delight your customers with the new concept. Enjoy a decisive competitive advantage and separate yourself from your competitors. We will be happy to support you! On request, you can also receive from us text and picture materials.