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Electric stone oven FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do you get moisture out of the oven?
During baking, the baked goods give off moisture to the oven, and then the moisture must be removed from the baking chamber.
•    During heating-up, leave the door open a crack for a few minutes
•    Between the baking processes, ventilate the oven and leave the door open for a few minutes
•    After baking, leave the oven open for a while

Smallest quantity when baking bread?
The oven should be filled at least 50% with loaves of bread so that the temperature distribution in the baking chamber is correct. With too little baked goods, the heat decreases too slowly and the bread is baked too intensely.

What should be taken into account when baking bread?
Bread is baked with the oven switched off. The decreasing stored heat is used. First load the bread and then switch off the oven.

Bake bread successively?
Ventilate the oven and leave the door open for a few minutes between the baking processes. Re-heat (280/190° C). As soon as the light goes out, the oven is at the right temperature. Now let the oven stand (a few minutes to balance the temperature). Then load the second load of bread, switch off the oven and again bake with decreasing heat.

Baking small baked goods?
Small baked goods such as rolls, sourdough spelt rolls, pizza and Christmas biscuits are usually baked in several batches or sheets. In this case, leave the oven switched on. Baking takes place continuously at the same temperature.

How do you clean the oven?
Generally, sweeping out with the oven brush is sufficient. For persistent contaminants, burning them off by means of pyrolysis is recommended. Heat the oven for 2-3 hours at 320° C. If the oven is still not clean, extend the time or repeat the process.
Heating-up in general?
The oven requires around 1 ¼ hours to heat up plus 30 minutes for balancing the temperature. The heat must be distributed in the bricks and in the baking chamber. Please note the information in the operating instructions.

Temperature information in recipes?
The temperature information in the Häussler recipes are a recommendation. Correct these up or down depending on your own taste.