Wood-burning oven FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What can I bake in the Häussler wood-burning oven?
Everything that your heart desires: pizzas, tarte flambée, bread, cake, biscuits, suckling pig, roasts, grill specialities, casseroles etc.

How do I clean the Häussler wood-burning oven?
Fire does the cleaning! Whether you bake, roast or dry – your wood-burning oven is absolutely without odour or taste again after each heating up thanks to the self-cleaning pyrolysis (burn-out). That’s why it is sufficient if you sweep out the interior simply with a cleaning brush with stainless steel bristles.

How long does the Häussler wood-burning oven stay hot?
With our wood-burning oven, you can bake for hours on end – without re-heating. Take note of the following chart:

Can I also re-heat?
Yes, that works. You simply make another fire for 20-30 minutes with a third of the specified quantity of wood. Then the embers are evenly distributed in the oven and left for around 20 minutes. Then the oven is emptied and let stand for 20 minutes.

Can I leave the embers in the oven for baking?
In general, the old German wood-burning oven was emptied after heating up, and one baked using the stored heat. Especially for items baked for a short time, such as pizza and tarte flambée or even steak and meat kebabs, a portion of the embers can remain in the oven. These are pushed either to the rear third of the baking surface or to the side. The draught of the oven remains slightly open and also the door should remain slightly open. If necessary, individual thin pieces of wood can be replenished. Consequently, baking can take place over a longer period with uniform heat.
At what temperatures does baking occur?
The recommended temperatures are listed in the operating instructions. Furthermore, the temperatures are indicated in the recipes and cookbooks by Häussler.

   Frequently asked questions by bakers

Which wood can I use?
For the heating-up, all types of wood can be used from brush-wood to cord wood. It should be untreated and well dried. We prefer softwood slabs in batten thickness. They can be obtained cheaply as residual product at most sawmills.

How much wood do I need?
The wood should be weighted before heating the oven up in order to work under the same conditions for each baking process. You can get information about the amount of wood for your oven size in your operating instructions.

How cheaply can I bake with wood?
Wood is still the cheapest energy source of our time.

What all can I bake?

Rationalize with cleverness! To transform the heat in the wood-burning oven into hard cash, you can bake different products with just one firing. With a beginning temperature of approx. 340° C, stone oven pizzas can be baked first, then load wholemeal, wheat or rye-wheat breads at around 280° C, then bake white breads or rolls, and the residual heat is still sufficient for sheet cakes etc. For a subsequent renewed heating-up, only around 1/3 of the quantity of wood is required, and the heating time is reduced to around 45 minutes.

Which oven size is the right one for me?
In principle, the following applies: the larger the oven, the less the amount of work per loaf of bread required. Therefore generously tailor the baking surface to your business.

How time-consuming is baking in the wood-burning oven?
You will need on the whole around 25 minutes for igniting the wood, cleaning out the ashes and loading bread. Use this time to show your customers the baking – turn it into an event! When the bread is in the oven, you’ll have time for other things.

Does wood-burning oven bread keep fresh longer?
Yes, since due to the enormous amount of stored heat the bread can

- Be made with a high working temperature (170 and  higher)
- A unique, aromatic crumb results
- It is well-baked As a result, the bread is very moist and keeps fresh for a very long time.