Wood-burning oven and grill days

From 06/07 - 07/07/18 we are hosting information days for everyone interested in wood-burning ovens. During both days, you can learn everything about the HÄUSSLER wood-burning ovens. We will show you the heating-up, heating period, emptying and “letting stand” of the wood-burning oven.

Learn how long the wood-burning oven holds heat and what and/or how you can bake consecutively using the stored heat: Swabian flatbread, meat and poultry, farmhouse breads, root breads, plaited yeast buns and other specialities.

The pellet grill is the second main focus: customers and guests can experience the summery and Mediterranean lifestyle. The pellet grill represents a whole new generation of appliances with fascinating features. The elegant flame provides the required heat within ten minutes. The Häussler pellet grill combines the simple and fast operation of a gas grill with the flavour advantages of a charcoal grill. Furthermore, it can also be used as an ambience light and creates a cosy atmosphere on the terrace.

Enjoy the comfortable ambience in our baking village with oven-fresh flatbreads and a cup of coffee.

We will of course also be happy to demonstrate our electric stone ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta makers and grain mills.

We look forward to your visit!