Training bakery in the Häussler baking village

No one is born a master. Baking is genuine handcraft that requires a solid foundation of knowledge and experience – especially in dealing with the wood-burning oven. That’s why we have set up the training bakery in Heiligkreuztal that is equipped with all of the types of Häussler ovens. Here can become familiar with the different ovens, bake in them, try out your own recipes and benefit from the wealth of experience of our master bakers.

 Would you like to test your own recipes in the wood-burning oven? Do you want to create your own bread recipe, include new products in your product line and set yourself apart from your competition? Are you interested in a pellet-fired wood-burning oven? Should your master bakers be trained on the wood-burning oven and your apprentices get in shape? Then there is nothing like coming to Heligkreuztal. Make an appointment for a trial baking, testing, and becoming familiar with our ovens. Speak with one of master bakers and have them put together a customised day programme.

Interested? Schedule an appointment now:

Richard Häußler
Telephone: 07371 9377-15

Klaus Müller
Telephone: 07371 9377-66