Wood-burning ovens

A wood-burning oven is an acquisition for life. With this you bake wonderful baked goods: hearty bread, fine cakes and sophisticated pastries. Delicious meat dishes, casseroles etc. are also successful. What’s more, dealing with traditional technology will delight you.

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HABO 4/6

HABO 4/6
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HABO 6/8

HABO 6/8
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HABO Rondo

HABO Rondo
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HABO Grande

HABO Grande
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Wood-burning oven fascination


Light a fire, have time to enjoy it with friends and family ... Organise a day, take time for what you enjoy! “Baking bread and experiencing the power of fire brings us back again to ground ourselves”. Baking is very easy with the Häussler wood-burning oven. We’ll provide you with exact heat-up times and baking temperatures. You will even find the required quantities of wood in the detailed operating instructions. You’ll be so well-prepared after loading that you can enjoy the spreading savoury aroma and look forward to your self-baked wood-burning oven specialities. Homemade bread, crispy pizzas and tarte flambée, crusty pastries, light cakes, succulent suckling pig and roasts, grill kebabs, casseroles, fish etc.

Baking quality

Return to the best baking quality, tangy aroma, taste and flavour...
During baking in the Häussler wood-burning oven, flavourings and roasting aromas that gourmets really appreciate develop on the surface of the baked items. This type of baking is unsurpassedto this day, in the era of the most modern technology. The desire for naturalness and originality is fulfilled with the bread oven in the most delicious and healthy way. The Häussler wood-burning oven is well-suited for baking, roasting and drying. Whether suckling pig or poultry – meat is roasted crispy brown & succulent. Once the oven is heated up, it holds a high temperature for a long time because of its high heat storage capacity. So you first bake dishes that need the most heat, such as pizzas and tarte flambée, then bread and meat and then cake and pastries. The residual warmth is perfectly suited for drying mushrooms and fruit.

What are the advantages?

Fireclay – fireproof clay

Baking on stone is one of the most natural and oldest methods of making bread. The bricks of the Häussler bread ovens are made exclusively from natural raw materials. Fireproof clay is dried, ground and fired. This fired clay meal is mixed again with fresh, unfired clay and water in an exact mixing ratio. This mixture is pressed into the prefabricated Häussler shapes, air-dried and then fired at very high temperatures for 48 hours. This manufacturing method confers a high degree of porosity to the fireclay bricks. As a result, the fireclay brick can absorb moisture in an ideal way during baking and then give it off again to the baked good. Each brick must have certain qualities – depending on the position in the oven. The Häussler fireclay bricks are therefore fired with different mixing ratios, shapes and thicknesses. Because only with the right brick combination can you enjoy uniformly good wood-burning oven specialities.

Direct firing – convenient baking

There are two options for firing a wood-burning oven: directly in the baking chamber or indirectly in a separate firing chamber. The Häussler wood-burning oven is directly fired. This corresponds to the principle of the old German oven. With this type of firing, the beginning heat or loading temperature is very high (320° C). The baking heat then decreases very slowly and gently. After 4 to 5 hours, the oven still has a temperature of around 180° C. Besides the outstanding baking results, a directly fired oven still has another decisive advantage: as opposed to the indirectly fired oven, you don’t have to worry about re-heating and constantly keeping an eye on the temperature. Baking is very convenient with the Häussler bread oven.

Steady heat

For centuries, wood-burning ovens could only be built with an arch. As with archways, bridges and cellars, the arch was required for structural reasons. The arch has, however, serious disadvantages for baking. Because the heat is distributed unevenly in the baking chamber due to the different heights. This is different with the Häussler ovens. The arch is no longer needed thanks to new technologies. The fireclay plates are made using high pressure, which allows larger span width. The ceiling distance is exactly the same in the entire baking chamber. The radiant heat acts uniformly on all the loaves of bread. An identical baking result is achieved in every place in the oven. All the loaves of bread have the same browning.

In an arch oven, the loaves of bread on side quickly become too hot. That’s why they have to be completely relocated during the baking process.
No relocation is necessary with the Häussler wood-burning ovens. This saves a lot of work and ensures a relaxed baking.

Natural fuel – firewood

Wood is a completely natural fuel. Handling it is a pleasure and appeals to the senses. Each piece of wood smells different and has an individual colour and grain. This fuel has character and is also CO2 neutral. All untreated wood is suitable for heating up the wood-burning over – from brush-wood to cordwood. We recommend spruce, fir and pine wood. These woods develop a special aroma due to the resin and have a soft flame during combustion. Brush-wood, grapevine and tree wood can also be used. Beechwood has the advantage that it is less smoky. Overall, the need for wood depends on the oven size. The exact specifications are included in our operating instructions. The heat-up time is around 2 to 2.5 hours for a long-lasting heat.

It’s this simple

Heat up




Baking – easier than it sounds

After the wood and the embers have burned off, you sweep out the ash residue from the oven into the ash shaft provided for them. This oven work accounts especially for the appeal of the wood-burning oven and provides for conviviality. Then the thermometer is pushed into the receptacle provided for it on the font of the oven. Within a short time, the exact temperature in the baking chamber is displayed. Vaguely estimating the heat belongs to the past. Baking with the Häussler means baking precisely. After sweeping out the oven, it should be let stand for around 15 minutes so that the heat is uniformly distributed in the oven. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature, it is loaded. Now the dough is baked gently with the decreasing radiant heat. The taste from the wood-burning oven is unique.


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Our varied product range offers the appropriate oven for every need. Whether two-person household or large family. At Häussler, you will find the oven that meets your needs: To the wood-burning ovens

Frequently asked questions

you will find in  our FAQ section: click here.

Very popular as a bread oven - the HABO

Baking on fireclay

The Häussler wood-burning ovens are built according to the proven system of the old German wood-burning oven. Characteristic for this was making a fire directly in the baking chamber. The temperature relationship of the upper and lower heat is very decisive for good baking results. Only with the right combination of bricks can you obtain the legendary wood-burning oven quality. Our bread ovens contain an extremely heat-resistant special insulation and fireclay bricks that are exactly matched with each other: Ceiling and floor plates as well as the side bricks are made from different materials and thicknesses. As a result, they store and give off a baking heat in exactly the right relationship to each other. The material of the bricks is extracted from different, specific clay pits. The thermometer shows the exact temperature. As a result, our wood-burning oven achieves a handling reliability than is the same as the electric oven.

Reasons for purchasing a wood-burning oven from Häussler:

•    Extremely long life
•    Highest quality materials: outstanding oven cast iron and extremely
     heat-resistant special insulation

•    Diverse fireclay bricks, optimally coordinated
     with each other

•    Easy to use
•    Steady baking results
•    Bi-metal dial thermometer
•    General construction law test certificate for operating a
     wood-burning oven

What should you keep in mind when buying an oven?

How much do I want to bake? The oven size is an important criterion. How many loaves of bread do I want make at one time? Do I want to bake for friends and relatives? Will the family get larger? Do I need room for large pizzas? Do I want to make a Christmas goose together with condiments? If you are undecided whether you should choose a smaller or larger model, we generally recommend the larger oven. It is always good when you have reserves. The effort is practically the same with all models, and wood consumption is basically negligible. However, you should keep in mind that the oven is at least half-filled so that the heat doesn’t become too intensive. With the other products, this is less important. Smaller quantities also work here.

Maximum capacity

Comparison of baking surfaces

Our varied product range offers the appropriate oven for every need. Whether two-person household or large family. At Häussler, you will find the oven that meets your needs: To the wood-burning ovens

The ash door

Here you convey the ashes cleanly and conveniently into the ash drawer.

The baking surface with heat shield

With every brick in its place, the sophisticated Häussler system ensures perfect baking results.

The ash drawer

The residual ash can cool off here and then easily and conveniently be disposed of.

The bi-metal dial thermometer.

After emptying out the oven, read the temperature in the interior with this. So you will know exactly when your baked goods must go in the oven.

The draught

With this you regulate the position of the exhaust air vent on the rear of the wood-burning oven.

Delivery options

Customer pick-up

Save transport costs Many of our customers pick up the oven themselves in Heiligkreuztal. This is possible if you have a trailer or van available. We will load the oven for you so that you only have to attach a transport securing device. This can be combined perfectly with a visit to the baking village. Useful accessories can be found here.


Convenient with a freight forwarding agency. You can of course have the wood-burning oven conveniently delivered to you. The HABO is a heavy appliance and will be brought by the forwarding agency. Ask us – we’ll arrange the optimum transport for you.

How should your oven be delivered?

Ready to install with feet

As a finished oven with metal feet. It only has to be set up and connected to the chimney. After the burning-in process, it is ready to use. This oven has a decided advantage over masonry ovens: it can be relocated. Setting it up in another location can be implemented very quickly.

As an oven without feet

For use on a base or wall installation. In this way, the oven can be easily adapted to on-site conditions. You can obtain from us a variety of base plans. All the recesses are perfectly illustrated in them.

As a partially disassembled oven

A HABO oven is heavy. This can be problematic if it has to go up stairs or around a few corners at the set-up location. You can also therefore receive the oven partially disassembled. The housing and fireclay bricks arrive separately and are assembled by you at the final location. You receive this partially disassembled oven from us as a customer service without any extra charge, the same as a ready-to-install oven with feet.

Installation service: on request, we will be happy to assemble the oven on site (does not apply, however, to kits). Assembly costs: HABO 4/6 = € 440.-, HABO 6/8 = € 455.- (plus expenses and travel costs).

In the interior, connect your wood-burning oven to an existing chimney. Outdoors, a two metre long flue pipe is sufficient. If the oven is set up and used in a building, a general construction law test certificate is necessary. All Häussler wood-burning stoves have this construction law test certificate. Please consult your chimney sweep if necessary.

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Our varied product range offers the appropriate oven for every need. Whether two-person household or large family. At Häussler, you will find the oven that meets your needs: To the wood-burning ovens

Information on the Habo Pellet

New technology, proven quality

Traditional baking combined with the technical possibilities of today. We have implemented this with the HABO Pellet. A new model of our ORIGINAL Häussler wood-burning oven, which is heated with unadulterated wood pellets. The easy operation and practically smoke-free combustion make this model attractive for fans of proven traditions with a spirit of modernity.

It’s this simple:

first fill the burner box with pellets up to the mark. After some organic lamp oil is poured over the pellets, the fire is ignited with wood wool igniters and the box is then closed. The fire damper remains open as does the exhaust air damper. The draught is individually controlled depending on weather conditions and combustion behaviour, but should not be closed during the heat-up phase.

Only after combustion is the firing and exhaust gas damper closed.  You now let the oven stand with the door closed for around 15 minutes. While letting the oven stand, the fireclay walls are completely heated up and in doing so, the maximum heat storage is achieved. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature, the dough can be loaded.

Now baking gently takes place with decreasing stored heat. The incomparable, aromatic wood-burning oven taste develops.

As soon as the pellet burner has cooled down, the ash residue can be removed from the tray.



Heat up



Please keep in mind that when setting up the oven in a building, a damper must be installed on the chimney. Appropriate flues for the pellet oven are available in different versions as accessories.
You can find flues and dampers here.

The pellet burner

It includes a storage container for one baking process, combustion chamber and ash pan.

The fire damper

It ensures optimal combustion by a flame control.

The draught

With this you conveniently regulate the oven’s rear exhaust air damper.

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Our varied product range offers the appropriate oven for every need. Whether two-person household or large family. At Häussler, you will find the oven that meets your needs: To the HABO Pellet

Information on the HABO exclusive series

Wood-burning ovens in many variations

Your own bakehouse in the backyard is something very special, and its rustic elegance is captivating. For anyone who wants something more modern and elegant, our exclusive series is the right choice. This series offers wood-burning ovens with a modern appearance that stylishly fit in in any garden, housing and terrace ambience, combined with the traditional baking method of an old German wood-burning oven. The HABO Modern classically and timelessly integrates an elegant glass and stainless steel combination, for example. Further highlights of the exclusive models are the HABO Rondo, the HABO Grande and the Japan model.
These ovens present themselves elegantly and are guaranteed to turn into the main focal point in your backyard.

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Our varied product range offers the appropriate oven for every need. Whether two-person household or large family. At Häussler, you will find the oven that meets your needs: To the wood-burning ovens