Smoker cabinets

These robust smoker cabinets are ideally suited for smoking fish, meat and poultry. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts and friends of smoked flavours.

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Smoke house

Smoke house
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Hot and cold smoker cabinets

These robust smoker cabinets are ideally suited for smoking fish, meat and poultry. Ideal for amateur fishermen and, in the larger models, for business people. Hot smoking is a real eye-catcher at garden and birthday parties. With the Häussler smoker cabinet, you can smoke fresh meat (sausage, Kassler (smoked cuts of pork)) etc., poultry of all kinds, fish (trout, mackerel etc.) and long-life products (ham, Plockwurst (German-style salami) etc.)

Reasons to purchase a Häussler hot and cold smoker cabinet

•    Cold smoke, warm smoke and hot smoke possible
•    Equal cooking and smoking thanks to regulation of incoming and
     exhaust air

•    Exact temperature control by dial thermometer
•    Drawer for firing and for loading smoke meal
•    Several types of heating possible thanks to interchangeable drawers:
•    wood, gas or electric heating (as of model FS 2/70 can be heated with electric
     thermostat regulation)

•    Housing also in marbled stainless steel on request

Wood, gas or electric heating


dry beech, alder or birch wood are used as fuel. For cooking fish, for example, a temperature of 80-110° C for 15-30 minutes is required, depending on the type of fish. After cooking, smoke powder is added to the solid burning material. The smoking process is initiated. The smoking time is individually different according to taste.

Gas heating:

The gas burner is connected to a commercial propane cylinder.
After refining, a burner pan with smoke powder goes over the gas burner.
After the smoke has started, the burner is switched off. The actual smoking begins.

Electric heating:

After refining, a burner pan filled with dried sawdust is placed over the heater, as with the gas heating.

Electric heaters FS 2/70 & FS 2/70 -MAXI,  securely side mounted with thermostat

All drawers are also individually available! To the drawers

The material

All hot smoker cabinets are available in a galvanised version, natural stainless steel or stainless steel painted black. Optional with viewing window in the door.

Galvanised sheet metal

Natural stainless steel
Stainless steel painted black

Cold smoker and storage cabinets

Do you want to process home-slaughtered meat carefully and professionally? Then you will be well served with our cold smoker cabinets.

Our smoker cabinet provides a steady fresh air supply thanks to its special design, so that your smoked delicacies remain dry. The double-walled insulation compensates for heat and cold and reliably prevents condensation build-up.

The classic foods for cold smoking are salmon, ham, bacon, cooked sausage, black pudding, liver sausage, salami, goose breast, venison and cheese.

Reasons to buy a Häussler cold smoker cabinet

•    Protected against outside temperature and manufactured
     from double-walled steel sheet, your cold smoker
     is an ideal repository for the smoked goods

•    Shock-resistant and washable, galvanised and stove-enamel finish
•    Smoked goods and smoke generator are in separate chambers
•    Sturdy hinges and lockable latch
•    Fly-proof due to protective screen
•    Good ventilation and air circulation
•    Fire-proof due to double floor
•    Included with delivery: 10 meat hooks


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