Smoke house 301459

Smoke house

Weight: 120 kg
item No. 301459

Hot and cold smoker cabinets

These robust smoker cabinets are ideally suited for smoking fish, meat and poultry. Ideal for amateur fishermen and, in the larger models, for business people. Hot smoking is a real eye-catcher at garden and birthday parties. With the Häussler smoker cabinet, you can smoke fresh meat (sausage, Kassler (smoked cuts of pork)) etc., poultry of all kinds, fish (trout, mackerel etc.) and long-life products (ham, Plockwurst (German-style salami) etc.)

Reasons to purchase a Häussler hot and cold smoker cabinet

•    Cold smoke, warm smoke and hot smoke possible
•    Uniform cooking and smoking thanks to regulation of incoming and exhaust air
•    Exact temperature control by dial thermometer
•    Drawer for firing and for loading smoke meal
•    Several types of heating possible thanks to interchangeable drawers:
•    wood, gas or electric heating (as of model FS 2/70 can be heated with electric thermostat regulation)
•    Housing also in marbled stainless steel on request

Ideal for beer gardens, markets and parties
Delivery complete with smoke flue and rain protector! Made entirely of stainless steel, attractively painted black or red. With viewing window and lighting. Ideal for beer gardens, markets, fishing festivals, catering service, food trucks etc.

Technical data

Contents/usable space
400 Liter
Fish approx.
65 - 80 Stück
Meat approx.
50 - 65 kg
Flue pipe Ø
13 cm
from 70,00 €
7,50 € *
5,40 € *
0,15 kg | 36,00 €/kg
14,90 €
7,50 € *