Electric stone ovens

Fireclay bricks for wonderful baking results Baking with a hot brick is considered to be the primal method. Whether bread, cake, pizza, meat or small baked goods, you get an unforgettable taste – like from the original wood-burning oven.

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INO 2004 / 400 V

INO 2004 / 400 V
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Radiant heat and quiescent baking atmosphere

Many ovens today are comprised of a metal housing into which hot air is blown. These ovens can be used flexibly and are inexpensive to manufacture. However, you have to constantly heat them, they require energy constantly during the baking period and have loss of quality through drying out due to air turbulence in the baking chamber.

Anyone who attaches value to the highest quality baking, however, should pay attention to other parameters. Baking with a hot brick is considered to be the primal method. The brick is first heated up, then the oven is switched off and you bake with the decreasing heat. We consider this method, taken over from the wood-burning oven, to be unsurpassed.

You get a wonderful aroma and incomparable taste – whether bread, cake, pizza, meat or small baked goods like from the original wood-burning oven.The electric stone ovens from Häussler are completely lined with fireclay bricks. These bricks store heat and gently and quiescently give it off to the baked good. This is the so-called radiant heat, which ensures optimum baking results. In addition, the fireclay bricks have a balancing effect. They absorb the moisture from the dough in order to give it back again to the baked good during the baking process.

Modern oven technology with effective heat storage

Careful craftsmanship

The electric stone ovens from Häussler are special appliances. They are constructed with solid craftsmanship by oven specialists – carefully built, tested and approved. Each individual oven is a piece of quality work designed for decades of hard use. Our ovens are based on the ancient principle of baking with hot stone – for perfect baking results. For this reason, a stone oven will never go out of fashion. It is timeless and robust and provides a wonderful baking quality. With the original oven from Häussler, you get an appliance with a service life that is far above average.

Baking on stone

All of our electric ovens are lined all-round with fireclay bricks. The bricks absorb the moisture from the dough in order to give it back again to the baked good during baking. The baked good consequently remains fresh for a long time. In addition, the bricks reach temperatures up to 320° C – ideal for pizzas and tarte flambée. After the oven is heated up, it is completely switched off. With the stored heat, you can bake in succession: pizzas at 320° C and bread at 280°C. Then the oven still has a temperature of approx. 230° C, and you can still bake cake or plaited buns. Now put a pan with meat in the oven and let it cook at low temperature for 4-5 hours. Finally, with the remaining residual heat, you can still dry herbs or fruit perfectly.

Wood-burning oven effect

The electric stone oven works according to the same principle as the wood-burning oven. Whether bread, pizzas, meat, casseroles, cake or small baked goods – you obtain an incomparably good taste with a stone oven. The gentle but powerful heat provides an optimum oven rise. Your creativity will know no bounds when cooking and baking. With an electric stone oven from Häussler, you bring home a bit of quality of life.

Easy to clean

Care of the bricks is very easy: after baking or cook, sweep out the oven with a brush or wipe off with a wet rag. It doesn’t get any easier! And if a spot should still stubbornly remain, tackle it with modern pyrolysis (burnout): set the lower heat at 320° C and leave it switched on for 2-3 hours. After the cool-down, wipe the bricks with a moist cloth.

Maximum capacity

Comparison of baking surfaces

It’s this simple

Switch on

Adjust upper and lower heat

Ventilate/let stand

Open the oven door for a few minutes

Load bread

Then switch off the oven

Bake bread

... and enjoy

Letting stand – important for the stone oven

Fireclay brick is an efficient heat accumulator that provides the quiescent baking atmosphere and ensures optimum results. For perfect baked goods, however, you have to pay attention to a few details and cater to the characteristics of the stone oven. These include letting the oven stand after the heat-up phase. The heating elements are infused into the fireclay bricks and heat the bricks from the inside. After the set temperature is reached and the thermostat has switched off, you should still allow the oven to stand so that the heat can be distributed uniformly in the bricks. Brick has a certain inertia, which is why balancing of the heat takes a while. Please follow the specifications in the operating instructions.



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