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Use the power of the whole grain. Important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein are in it. In addition, the important plant fibre, which is valuable for metabolism and digestion. Furthermore, bread with freshly grown flour tastes fantastic. Many good reasons to freshly grind flour for the bread.

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Combo mill Paula

Combo mill Paula
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This is how it tastes best

Up to a hundred years ago, nothing else was used for baking and cooking than the whole grain. The problem was that the flour could not be stored for long. Therefore over the course of time, the part of the grain was removed that is responsible for the bitterness of flour: the oil-containing germ bud as well as the fruit and seed husk. In order for the flour to be preserved, it was deprived of its most valuable substances. For everything is in the full grain that the body needs in order to be healthy and vital:

  • High-quality protein
  • Important nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the outer layers
  • A high percentage of important plant fibre, which is important for weight reduction, metabolism and digestion
  • Wholemeal has up to 15 percent fewer calories than white flour!

Furthermore, bread with freshly ground flour tastes fantastic...
Good reasons to grind its flour.

Quality from stone-pine wood

The housings of all Häussler grain mills are handmade of stone-pine wood. This rare type of wood, which is found at the timber line of the Alps, is supposed to keep away flour pests due to its special aromatic resin. The wood darkens with age and then displays its full beauty. The housings are treated on the outside with a protective water-based varnish.

Gentle grinding principle of the water mills

Häussler grain mills work with a high-quality grinder made of ceramic and corundum. The grinding stone is very hard and as a result virtually wear-free and self-sharpening. The special feature of the grinder is that the grain is not cut or chopped but rather slowly and gently pulverized at low speed. As a result, you obtain a fine wholemeal with all the vitamins, minerals and fibre that are contained in the grain. Ideally suited for baking light and fluffy baked goods. All types of grain can be ground: wheat, spelt, rye, kamut, emmer, einkorn, barley, maize, rice, millet and buckwheat as well as conditionally oil-containing seeds.

Continuous grinding stone adjustment

By simply turning the mill head, you determine the distance of the two millstones and thus the degree of fineness. Depending on requirement and taste, you can grind from the finest wholemeal up to coarse meal.

Powerful performance and long service life

The Häussler grain mills have a robust, high-performance industrial motor and are practically maintenance-free. Great performance and a long service life are thereby guaranteed.

Joy for a lifetime!


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