HÄUSSLER – a company with a long tradition

Karl and Rosa Häußler originally laid the foundation for the company with a small forge. Karl-Heinz and Adelinde Häußler, as well as their children Rosemarie and Richard, four people who learned the business from the ground up, run the business today. The company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019.

How it all began

In 1949, Karl Häußler, today lovingly named “our Opa” by everyone, founded a village blacksmith shop with horse shoeing.

In 1967, Karl-Heinz Häußler, the current owner, entered the company and organised the expansion into a regional company specialising in agricultural machinery.

In 1970, Karl-Heinz Häußler took over the business and four years later in 1974, the company oven manufacturing branch was formed through the collaboration with his wife  Adelinde Häußler.

In 1993, the decision was made to spin-off the agricultural equipment in order to concentrate fully on the growing market of baking technology.

In 2000, a new production hall with 4,600 m² of space was constructed, and in 2004, the new exhibition centre with around 1,200 m² of exhibition space was completed.

In 2006, the entire area was dedicated as the “Baking Village”.

On 1 January 2007, the company shares were handed over to son Richard Häußler and daughter Rosemarie Häußler-Mayer.

In 2010, Richard and Rosemarie took over the management of the company. The business is still run today by all the members of the family.

HÄUSSLER today is a modern, customer-oriented production and service company, which has developed into a reliable employer for the region  thanks to setting the course correctly in recent years and successful market orientation.

Why Heiligkreuztal?

The small village of Heiligkreuztal is a jewel in the heart of Upper Swabia because of its beautiful monastery and idyllic location. Supporting the rural area was always especially important to company owner Karl-Heinz Häußler. “Despite globalisation, our company location is Heiligkreuztal. Our home is here. We’ll stay and produce here in the future as well,” according to Karl-Heinz Häußler. Heiligkreuztal can be reached quickly and easily from all directions via a well-developed road network.


Good and well-motivated employees are necessary to meet the desires of customers. There were still only 30 employees in 1999; today there are more than 100. Vocational education and training are high priorities. Twelve of the ninety employees are apprentices. Training activities are encouraged and supported.