Grill and ambience light

The Häussler pellet grill represents a complete new appliance category. It is fired with wood pellets, is ready for grilling in a few minutes, is practically smoke-free and provides a beautiful visible flame. With the extensive accessories, the appliance can be used for many different purposes. It can also be operated as a cosy ambience light. The jewel for all balconies, terraces and backyards.

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Ambient light

Ambient light
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Patio heater

Patio heater
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A jewel with professional quality

Powerful technology at a comfortable working height. A place at the pellet grill is a favourite place! Well-engineered elements made of the best materials turn grilling into a passion. The pellet grill works with a strong flame, which quickly provides the required heat and can also be regulated very precisely over a wide temperature range. The pellet grill normally consists of  a basic unit, low glass cylinder (which can also be used as ambience light), flame divider and grill top: with grill support, outer rings, grillplate insert that can be be turned and grill cover. Extras: You can find the high glass cylinder, wok, side table and the covers on the following pages.

Reasons to buy the Häussler pellet grill:

•    Exclusive design
•    Easy to use
•    Best quality
•    Easy to clean
•    Easy loading
•    No smoke
•    Precisely adjustable over a wide temperature range
•    High-quality materials
•    Häussler quality

It’s this simple:

Firing up
Technically perfect, the Häussler grill combines culinary pleasure with pure joy. The patented appliance is fired with wood pellets, which burn practically residue-free and without any annoying odour. The renewable resource is climate neutral.

Thanks to the pellet oven, Häussler has a lot of know-how in pellet firing. You too can benefit from this know-how when you grill. The flame exits through a hole cover and rises upwards. The firing period is determined before firing up by filling the grill with 3, 6 or 9 kg of wood pellets.

The intensity of the flame can be precisely controlled via a slider. Using the slider, you can manipulate the temperature across a wide temperature range. So you can grill perfectly. All the advantages are basically combined:
• Speed as with a gas grill
• Flavour as with a charcoal grill
• Control as with an electric grill


Pour over



Set up

Small light pillar


Large light pillar

Grilling under control

The Häussler grill is made for people who want to reward themselves with perfect technique. It burns pellets in a closed combustion chamber and reveals a delightful flame pattern – surrounded by glass. And it serves delicious dishes, whether meat or vegetables.
Our dream – made for you.

Grill top

Crisp crust, succulent meat: the Häussler grill is ready to go ten minutes after igniting.

Now you can grill CO2 neutral and undisturbed – even on your balcony and even in an urban environment. The innovative fire technology, a special grill top and matching accessories help you do so.
We wish you lots of success!

Grill top – grill support, two outer rings and grillplate insert for turning

Material, grillplates
Cast iron
External dimensions, grill top W x H
13 x 61 cm
Outer ring
Ø 44 cm
Inner plate
Ø 24 cm
10 kg

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Two big trends can currently be discerned in the grill scene: the sustainable and clean firing with wood pellets as well as grilling on a large, flat steel plate – also often called a plancha grill. With the new fireplate and the original pellet grill, we combine both innovations in one appliance. Grilling re-thought and re-invented. You’ll love it. And off goes the grill party!

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Brand new and currently very popular: the fireplate for the pellet grill. With this innovative accessory, grilling turns into an exciting event. The solid plate made of a special stainless steel alloy provides space for larger quantities of grilled food and can be equally well used from all sides. Many people can work on the grill at the same time, watch or simply enjoy the great atmosphere. The fireplate absorbs the heat of the flame, conducts the heat outwardly and provides different temperature zones – hot in the centre, decreasingly hot outwards. Grill hot, cook, toast or just keep
warm – everything can be perfectly organised on one level. One has the option to work with a grill grate, grillplate or wok in the centre.

Optimum distribution of heat: Very hot in the centre, decreasingly hot outwardly. Consequently, can be used very versatilely and creatively.

What would you like to grill?

With cast iron grillplate (included with pellet grill)

With wok

We’ll show you how to grill like a pro!

Red hot, the hands-on seminar with the Häussler pellet grill. Grilling and barbecuing are more the just steaks and sausage. With the Häussler pellet grill and the extensive accessories, you can conjure up a 3-course meal from the grill that will amaze your guests. Convince yourself and grill under the guidance of Patrick Hoffmann from PfalzGlut – with valuable tips and tricks!

Planked salmon on tramezzini slices

Beef burritos
Pork loin in a cornflakes crust
Buttermilk pancake on strawberry almond ragout


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