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Grain flaker Betty

Grain flaker Betty

Weight: 2.125 kg
item No. 400181
Ready to ship, delivery time: 3-5 days
  • Quetschwalzen aus Edelstahl
  • stufenlos einstellbar
  • geeignet für alle Getreidearten
  • auch für ölhaltige Saaten geeignet


Müsli with fresh corn flakes, flakes as a soup ingredient, in patties, wholemeal baked goods or simply as a treat – cornflakes taste good and are healthy. With the robust and elegant
grain flaker Betty, you can roll your flakes fresh every day. The rollers are made of stainless stainless and can be continuously adjusted from coarse to fine. All types of grain as well as oily seeds can be rolled.

Technical data

Dimensions W x D x H
12 x 13 x 27 cm
Hopper contents
125 g
2 kg
from 6,90 €
from 31,00 €
from 5,50 €
from 69,00 €