Master 300963


Weight: 172 kg
item No. 300963

Master – a very special oven

The Master marks the new top of the line among our popular electric stone ovens. It is Mono and Primus’ big brother. With a baking area of 61 x 83 cm, it is generously dimensioned and provides many options – for ambitious hobby bakers, large families, professional kitchens, direct marketers, and farm shops alike.

You can even expand the Master, turning it into a two-level oven system. Like Mono and Primus, it boasts the features that are typical of electric stone ovens from Häussler:

  • A fully lined baking chamber that stores an enormous amount of heat. Food is baked with decreasing heat in an inactive baking atmosphere. There’s nothing better
  • Effective housing insulation and integrated air jacket. The heat reliably remains in the oven.
  • The ProThermic double glass doors ensure outstanding insulation and at the same time, enable a full view of what’s baking

The Master also offers a manual steam injection function. For buns, cakes, and certain types of bread, a welcome addition!

With powerful steaming

Steam injection (water vapour) gives buns, cakes, and certain types of bread a fine sheen on the crust and adds volume.

The new Master oven has a manual steam injection function. The water is injected through filler necks. An evaporator instantly turns it into powerful steam. Towards the end of the baking process, you can open the steam flap to discharge the steam.

Key points: 

  • Fully lined with firestone
  • Pro Thermic double glass doors
  • Top and bottom heat controlled separately
  • With powerful steaming

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Rolls (up to)

approx. 30

or pretzels (up to)

approx. 20

or pizzas Ø 28 cm (up to)

approx. 5

or bread (up to kg)

approx. 9  (9 loaves à 1 kg)
or plaited yeast buns 450 g 
approx. 6
or meat/pork neck (up to kg)
approx. 10

Technical data

Heating method
Electric / stored heat via firebrick, wood oven effect
Baking chamber height
23 cm
Baking surface W x D
61 x 83 cm
Digital timer
149 kg
Oven dimensions W x D x H
84,8 x 101,6 x 45 cm
Connection cable
2 m long, CEE-16 A plug
Temperature range
50 to 320° C, upper and lower heat separately and infinitely adjustable
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