With one kneading speed

The proven household Alpha kneading machine is equipped for daily use. Easy to use, convenient design and the latest technology are the ingredients from Häussler. With its constant kneading speed, it is exceptionally well-suited for all wheat and spelt mixed doughs as well as rye and wholemeal dough. It is the basic model for heightened baking aspirations.

With two kneading speeds
The Alpha 2G is especially well-suited for wheat and spelt doughs and pizza, roll and pretzel doughs that require an intensive kneading of the dough. It also kneads less sticky rye doughs as well as heavy wholemeal doughs gently and precisely into a good dough. A machine that meets all dough requirements.

Knead like the pros:
With the first, slower level, the dough is pre-kneaded (stirred up). Then the dough becomes thoroughly kneaded on the second level.

You can find additional information on the ALPHA dough kneading machine here.

Technical data

Bowl contents
8,5 Liter
0 to 30 Min. adjustable
Dimensions W x D x H
28 x 45 x 40 cm
Industrial motor
230 V / 0,37 kW
29 kg

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