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HABO 2/4

HABO 2/4

Weight: 356 kg
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  • kompakt und modern
  • direkt befeuerter Ofen
  • ruhende Strahlungswärme
  • extrem lange Lebensdauer
  • gleichmäßige Backergebnisse

Small but powerful! 

With the new HABO 2/4, we have supplemented the popular wood-burning oven range in a smaller size. The HABO 2/3 was discontinued last year, and now we are presenting its worthy successor. With a dimension of 45 x 60 cm, the HABO 2/4 offers a larger baking area that also features a more usable side ratio. The door opening is now larger and a solid 15 cm wider than the earlier model’s. The oven can be comfortably filled and is easy to operate. The door does not have a relief because the HABO 2/4 was consciously designed as a compact, linear oven with a modern look.

It is ideal for smaller households, couples, single users, and baking fans who do not want to bake large quantities at one time. The HABO 2/4 is also compact enough for use in narrow spaces. An entirely friendly wood-burning oven.

And of course it does not compromise when it comes to baking quality. The HABO 2/4 is a full-fledged wood-burning oven with all the Häussler advantages.

HABO 2/4

Rolls (up to)

approx. 15

or pretzels (up to)

approx. 12

or pizzas Ø 28 cm (up to)

approx. 3

or bread (up to kg)

approx. 5

or plaited yeast buns 450 g 

approx. 5

or meat/pork neck (up to kg)

approx. 5

Wood-burning ovens from Häussler feature

  • Extremely long service life
  • Premium-quality materials:
    outstanding oven cast and extremely heat-resistant special insulation
  • Various types of firestone,
    optimally harmonised with each other
  • Easy handling
  • Consistent baking results
  • Bi-metal dial thermometer
  • Officially approved general test certificate for operation of a wood-burning oven

Further special features:

  • Ash flap for conveniently clearing the baking chamber
  • Baking surface with heat shield. Each stone in its place:
    the clever Häussler system ensures perfect baking results
  • Ash drawer for easy disposal of ashes
  • Bi-metal dial thermometer
  • The damper for regulating the exhaust flap

The oven feet are not mounted upon delivery and must be aquired separately. 

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Technical data

Baking surface W x D
45 x 60 cm
Door opening W x D
42,5 cm x 25/20 cm
Exterior dimensions W x D x H
65 x 107 x 114 cm
Loading height
71 cm
Flue gas connection
89,5 cm
Flue pipe Ø
13 cm
327 kg
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