SPM 80 2T 200030

SPM 80 2T

item No. 200030

Commercial dough kneading machines of the SPM series

The powerful and precise kneading spiral uniformly mixes and intensively kneads your doughs. Thanks to the large-scale kneading hooks, kneading times are reduced, whereby warming of the dough remains extremely low. Our dough kneading machines are equally suited for bakeries as well as pastry shops.

The bowl and kneading spiral are driven by two separate motors. V-belts are used for the power transmission in order to reduce to a minimum maintenance costs, vibrations and noise generation. The V-belts can very easily be re-tensioned via two external screws.

All parts that come in contact with the dough, such as the kneading arm, dough divider and bowl, are manufactured from high-quality, food-safe stainless steel.

Thanks to the steel construction of the machine body, the kneaders are very robust and therefore very reliable over many years.

The dough kneading machines of the SPM series can be operated in manual or automatic mode. All machines have two speeds, which are controlled via separate timers. Even during the automatic kneading process, it is possible to reverse the direction of rotation.

The machine automatically switches off when the protective cover is lifted up. All of our kneaders are equipped with an emergency stop switch and meet current CE standards.

The models SPM 130 2T E | SPM 160 2T E and SPM 2T E are equipped with an extendable bowl and automatic lifting and hooking up process. Can be switched from manual to automatic operation. Additional bowls are available on request.

Standard equipment:

  • 2 timers (can be set to 30 min.)
  • 2 speeds (1st speed with pre-kneading level)
  • Wheels

Technical data

55 kg Mehl (80 kg Teig)
Bowl contents
142 Liter
Motor output, kneading spiral
4,1 kW / 5,6 PS
Dimensions W x D x H with wheels
73 x 122 x 141 cm
Motor output, bowl
0,75 kW / 1 PS
Power connection
400 V
480 kg