First-class hand-crafted workmanship

We do not regard “manufacture” as an advertising slogan, but rather as a daily objective of our work at the highest level. In rural Heiligkreuztal in the vicinity of the Swabian Alb, we manufacture each of our electric stone or wood-burning ovens with careful craftsmanship. We understand our handicraft and have made a name for ourselves with decades of experience. Häussler stands for the best baking results with traditional, artisan baking methods. Our ovens are distinguished by the highest functionality and longevity.

Production: Häussler = best quality from Upper Swabia

Quality is at home here! Around 25 employees manufacture Häussler appliances for you. They work in a 4600 m² area in the modern and environmentally friendly Häussler production hall. Our in-house production guarantees “Quality Made in Germany”.

With all Häussler products, quality is the highest priority. Every appliance is carefully manufactured in handcrafted production in our modern production hall. After final assembly, each appliance is precisely tested. Only then are our premium products delivered to our customers. Our products are distinguished by quality, longevity and highest functionality and ensure satisfied customers.

We train our skilled workers for the most part ourselves. Currently, 6 trainees are learning from scratch with us us the trade of metalworker in the field of mechanical engineering and will be employed by us as far is possible after the training .

Over 30 years of experience is in every Häussler appliance. You can therefore be sure that you will enjoy your Häussler appliance for decades to come.

On request, we will show you our production hall during ongoing production. Here you will experience the birth of a HÄUSSLER wood-burning oven.

You will acquire 100% high quality with a Häussler appliance.

Wood-burning oven production – each wood-burning oven is unique

As with all Häussler products, quality is also the highest priority for our wood-burning ovens. Our ovens are all produced with the most careful workmanship. That is why each Häussler wood-burning oven is truly unique!

A thick lining of the baking chamber with high-quality fireclay bricks that are specially matched with each other and a special complete insulation ensure a uniform baking quality and a long-lasting baking heat. All parts that come directly in contact with the fire, such as the oven doors, are made from the best hand-crafted oven cast iron.

During the manufacture, we use selected high-quality materials that ensure a very long life expectancy of well over 30 years. We have our own trained and qualified skilled workers for the manufacture of our ovens.

Do you want to take a look at our production? Here are some impressions: