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Traditional baking in the Häussler wood-burning oven

Special seminar on the wood-burning oven

Length: 5 hours

Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Seminar price: € 75. - per participant

Location: Heiligkreuztal Backdorf

Includes seminar documents

Seminar schedule:

  • Welcome the seminar participants
  • Introduction of the Häussler company
  • Lighting the wood-burning oven, distributing blaze and preparing the wood-burning oven before baking
  • Explanation of the different wood-burning ovens
  • Producing and reworking the doughs
  • Management and tour of the production facility
  • Emptying the baking chamber
  • Baking flatbread, Swabian coarse rye bread and “Fleischkäse” (meat loaf)
  • Baking butter plaited loaves
  • Closing discussion: Winning with quality – marketing options


08 April 2019 available

27 May 2019 available

Register by phone with one of our master bakers:

Klaus Müller: 07371 9377-66

Stefan Leichtle: 07371 9377-51